Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Confessions

1.  On Wednesday I checked my blog stats, I was specifically interested in how people find Corey & Stacie.  The following search engine keywords have led people here:
  • look busy at work
  • midget land palm springs
  • corey in poo letters
  • inner elbow crease
2.  Let's see what happens when I mention dog farts in every post!

3.  I had an iced coffee from Rock Hill Bakehouse twice this week.  It only comes in one size: 50 gallon drum.  Not only was I not able to sit still for two days, I could not stop peeing.

4.  I should not be allowed to drink coffee.

5.  My grandma's name is Irene.  Poor grandma.

6.  Jimmer Fredette is from the town in which I work.  Back in June his dad agreed to take some items to him to sign for my boss and some of her colleagues in the senate.  While on the phone with Mr. Fredette I shamelessly begged him to have Jimmer come to the office to sign everything.

"Um, well, I don't know what his schedule is..."

"Oh I was joking!"


7.  A google search yesterday on "hermaphrodite" was work-related.

8.  Corey's new favorite prank is startling me while in the shower.  He thought it was funny the first time he popped his head in the bathroom when I wasn't expecting him to even be home and I screamed as if my eyebrows were on fire.

9.  He also likes to tease me that we're doing a whale watch when we're in Cape Cod later this month. (see post below...)

10.  I vomit all the contents in my stomach, your stomach and your mom's stomach on whale watches.  Gross, I know.


All vomit aside, have a happy Labor Day weekend!!

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