Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Confessions

1.  I make up song lyrics based on what I hear.  For example, Lady Gaga's Bad Romance became, "...caught in a pair of pants, whoooaaaooo."

2.  I also smack butts.  But only butts I know, although sometimes I have to remind myself that certain butts are inappropriate.  Like work butts, or stranger butts, or distant relative butts.

3.  Same with passing gas.  It's as natural a bodily function as breathing, but I have to make a conscious effort to not let this natural function occur in some places.  Home, ok.  Outside, ok.  Car, ok.  Office, not ok.  Clothing store, not ok.  In front of friends, sometimes ok.

4.  I over share.

5.  On our daily walks I allow Oliver to have conversations with other dogs in the neighborhood (read: pee on stuff), and I've discovered were he a person he would be the guy that never shuts up.

6.  I am pleased as punch that Corey is extremely bothered by dishes in the sink, because I am extremely bothered by doing dishes in the sink.

7.  He sent me an itinerary for our day trip up north to see his grandmother.  It included returning home for take out and bedtime by 4:30pm.

8.  His grandmother turns 98.  Not only does she still have her wits about her, she still lives in her own home.

9.  Corey is going to outlive me.  It's in his genes.

10.  In my genes: old lady meanness.


Happy Friday friends!!

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