Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Much Needed Getaway

The deed is done.

Corey and I are officially flying back and forth across the country this fall for a two-in-one vacation.


Did I mention we would be...flying?

Hello anxiety.

We have a wedding in Indiana; my old high school friend and college roommate is getting married (yay!) and I finally have a chance to get Corey in close proximity to my hometown.

By close I mean two and a half hours away.  But we will be in the same state.  And in the town of my alma mater, Purdue University!

Did you know that both the first man (Neil Armstrong) and the last man (Eugene Cernan) on the moon both attended Purdue?

But I digress.

Very soon after the wedding we get back on a plane....a plane....and head down to Mississippi to see my granddaddy.

I say this about most people I meet, but Glenn Errington really is one of my favorite people.

Corey and I will probably take a spin in the rowboat around his catfish pond, maybe pluck a few for dinner, and drive around town to see the sights: Southern Miss, the Walmarts, Brett Favre's house, etc.

There also may or may not be several buffet dinners in our future.

They're best of the South, you know!

Unfortunately, we can't stay longer than a few days.  Budgets and jobs and adult responsibilities are keeping us from making a month of it. 

Dag-blasted adult responsibilities!

But we're able to get some special-people time in, and I'm happy about that.

Even if we have to fly to get there.

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Debbie said...

You know your granddaddy and great-granddaddy both love(d) planes...I guess you didn't get your love of planes from that side of the family...oh, but you probably got it from your grandma in CA!!!