Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Confessions

1.  When people ask me how I'm doing I say "good", not "well".  I feel like saying "well" makes me sound like one of those people who use "can" and "may" correctly.

2.  Not that there's anything wrong with being correct, it just feels funny coming outta me.  It would be like using a British accent.  Does.  Not.  Fit.

3.  Squeaky doors are my nails on a chalkboard.

4.  I once started a post that began with my amazing ability to hold in my pee for large amounts of time.

5.  These Friday things get written throughout the week, as situations arise.  Number five: Wednesday.  Mood: near meltdown.  Prediction: when you read this all the drama will be over and I will be on my way to a relaxing mini-holiday on the cape.

6.  I said "mini-holiday" in my head with a snooty British accent.  Sometime words deserve special treatment; in this case it does not feel out of place.

7.  Please try to keep up.

8.  This is where I left my rings Tuesday night.

On my note pad, on my desk, in my office.

Text to my friend Jill that night: "Ok, so I'm not 100% sure where my wedding rings are..."

Corey was less than thrilled.

9.  Another prediction: both my mother and my mother-in-law will call and scold me upon reading this.  And in my defense I will turn them on Corey because he leaves his rings all. over. the. house.

Sorry Corey, but I told you you should keep the danged thing on your finger.

10.  I've mentioned before about how I hate to waste.  Here is an exception: the last few post-its.  There's only five left?  Toss 'em and start a new one!!


Happy Friday!  Enjoy your weekend!

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E said...

My sister and I always joke about waiting to pee by referencing Phoebe on Friends and saying we're "soaking up the nutrients."