Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Wine tasting and birthdays

We saw the sun this weekend.


Also there was some flooding, alpacas, eccentric artists in coat tails and a top hat, a roasted pig, leopard print, a birthday girl, white caps and felt balls.

Put all that together and you get one crazy party. 

A 98-year-old nana in leopard print?!

No, we spread the fun out into two very long days.

Early Saturday morning I dragged Corey with me to an artist community for Harvest Fest; an all day open house featuring animals, art, food, and demonstrations.  People in the northeast reeeeally embrace the fall, and I embrace people who embrace fall.  And Corey embraces me as I embrace people get the idea.

We met puppies from the local animal shelter.  I picked out ten of my favorite ten.  And then I told them I loved them as Corey ushered me by.  We pet alpacas and baby cows, walked around the grounds, ate hot dogs, I bought eight ounces of alpaca wool and then we left.

Lunch was a fabulous mess of all kinds of slop thrown into a container and labeled the "trash can" platter at a nearby drive in.  Fortunately, I digested enough to still be able to enjoy the sampling of food at the local performing arts center's wine and food festival Saturday night.

There was meat, and pasta, and bread, and more meat, and shrimp, and some kind of green veggies, and more meat, and cheese, and cookies.

And then there was wine that sparkled, wine that didn't, wine that was sweet, wine that was really whiskey with maple syrup, and a funny liquor that tasted just like cough syrup with a hint of pistachio.

I may or may not have sampled my share and beyond of everything.

I also may or may not have forced Corey to smuggle out the etched wine glass under his coat.

Good times.

Then there was family time.  Sunday we drove up to Corey's hometown for his grandmother's 98th birthday party.

We took pictures and cooked hamburgers.  And it's a three family affair so there were plenty of stories.

Oliver played with his cousin Reuben, a one-and-a-half year old Springer Spaniel before passing out on the ride home.

I spent the rest of the day felting to a Matlock movie marathon and Corey watched whatever games were on; football, baseball, horse racing, badminton, bass fishing, literally whatever.

And then we slept the sleep of two very sleepy sleeps.

The end.


Try reeeeally hard friends, have a happy Monday!

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E said...

I have a love/hate relationship with seeing dogs from the animal shelter. I love them all and hate that I can't give them all a home.