Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time for a Little Zombie Action

Actually, we didn't see too many zombies in this last episode of The Walking Dead.

You'd think that would cut down on the gross factor.  It didn't.  See below:

Here we are, the day after the zombies found camp and tried to eat a bunch of people. 

Now, everybody knows once you're bit by a zombie you become a zombie.  Even if that zombie chews on your jugular and you die from blood loss instead of "the fever."  I'm not necessarily into zombies and even I knew that.  You learn it in school, or something.

So now the remaining live people have to bury their dead.  But first they have to make sure their dead don't get up and try to eat them.  This is when it gets gross, because to "kill" a zombie you have to, um, dismantle their brains.  Method of choice:  pick ax.

"Ok, there's no way they can show her put that ax through her husband's skull....OHMIGOSHTHEYSURECAN!!!

And then there was ooze.  Lots and lots of ooze.

Moving right along, there were a lot of little things that happened that leads you to think something will develop later.

Like the best cop friend, Shawn (I told you I'd start remembering names) taking the other cop, Rick, out into the woods to check the perimeter for "walkers" as they call the zombies.  (Shawn was the one who told Rick's wife, um, Lori? that Rick was dead and started to, uh, have relations with her.  Not sure yet if Shawn is a good cop or a bad cop.)  They fight about Rick's plan to move everybody off the mountain and Shawn points his gun at Rick when Rick isn't looking.

Ooooo, what's this all about guys?

They come back from the woods and announce they are packin' it up and moving to the CDC building where they are sure it is safe and people working on a cure (the "I had a dream" guy got bit and is currently dying, Rick thinks they can save him but they end up leaving him by the side of the road...foreshadooooow).

Little do they know, at the CDC building only ONE MAN REMAINS.  What the...?  He's going crazy too.  Apparently he's a scientist trying to figure this zombie disease out, but ends up screwing everything up when the lab is automatically destroyed because he contaminates himself.  Dummy.

So we see the convoy arrive at the CDC to a bunch of dead bodies, and I mean dead, not zombie dead.  There are tanks and barricades, so you know something went down.  The group starts to lose hope when they get to the front doors and find them sealed shut.

Of course they're losing hope.  They drove 100 miles, are out of gas, the sun is going down, zombies start showing up, and they can't get in the dang building.

Rick goes a little berserk.  Can't blame him.  This whole thing was his idea.  But the crazy CDC fellow sees him through the little camera.  At first he seems a little hesitant.  I didn't get this.  The guy is going nuts thinking he is the only one left but he doesn't want other survivors to keep him company?

Just as Shawn grabs Rick to drag them back through the zombies to their cars, crazy man opens the sealed doors.

Aaaaaand that's it.

Ugh.  I hate cliffhangers.  This episode wasn't as exciting, but I believe we are being set up for some action next week.  We'll see.

PS. Still no sign of Merle.

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Debbie said...

and you wonder why you have wierd dreams????