Thursday, June 23, 2011

For Corey

This is the man I married one year, nine months and five days ago.

(...and 11.5 hours if we really want to get technical.)

His name is Corey, Corey Lucas, and he's special.

When I have a busy night ahead of me, he takes on dinner, serves me and cleans up after me.

He makes sure we're on top of bills, car maintenance and dog food.

He wears his dark, trouser socks well into the night...after he's already changed into a pair of shorts.  Then he struts around because he knows how ridiculous he looks.

He hugs me when I'm mad, and when he knows the chances are pretty good that I'm going to smack him.

He makes decisions for two.

He now has the dog trained to perk up and run to the nearest window when sirens go by.  Every.  Single.  Night.

He knows what I like, and will surprise me with a brownie, cookies....or a pie and ice cream:

Now if I could just get him to play laser tag....


Debbie said...

I know the girls from sewing class could come up with a way to get him to laser tag...although it may initially involve sleeping pills...hmmm...just a thought. Love Mom.

Debbie said...

He hugs you when you are mad because he needs to hold your arms down so you don't smack him...and to keep your quills down too! You are a cute porcupine!!