Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Today's questions are on cell phones.  It figures at a time when I'm terrified of my cell phone, with news of possibly health problems linked to radiation from phone use and getting pulled over for the second time for talking and driving, I've gotta talk about the dang thing.  Sheesh!

But thanks anyway to Krys at Eat This Soup for coming up with something for us to talk about!

1. What type of phone do you have? Do you like it?
I have the first version of the Droid and this sucker has about had it.  Not only is it terribly bruised, but it's starting to freeze, and when I need to let Corey know there is a deer grazing on the side of the highway I'd better darn be able to.

2. How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
I was 16 and it was huuuuuuge.  I think I only had something like 40 minutes on my plan each month, so I could only use it when absolutely necessary.  Like telling all my friends that I had a celly and they didn't.

3. How many cell phones have you owned since your first?
I'm on my fifth.  And proud to say I have never owned a flip phone.

4. How much is your average monthly phone bill?
Much more than I'd like.

5. When you were a kid/teenager, were you allowed to have a phone in your room?
Kinda.  I think I could have, but I didn't want one.  I've never been much of a phone talker.  I actually dislike talking on the phone very much.

6. Do you like talking on the phone or do you despise it? Or somewhere in-between?
Whoopsie!  Guess who should have read the questions before she dove right in.

7. Do you text a lot? Is texting/talking while driving illegal where you live? Are you guilty of it anyway?
I don't text as much as a certain husband who shall remain nameless.  When talking to a Verizon rep:

"It looks like you don't need a large texting package.....oh, wait.  Yes you do."

Even touching a cell phone is illegal here.  But I do it anyway.  I talk.  Not text.

And I get caught.

8. What sort of texting keyboard does your phone have? Touch screen, slide out, or something different? Do you care?
Both, but I prefer to use the slide out keyboard.  It prevents such mistakes as "Wud bebop big deal."  I still don't know what this means.

9. Look at the last call in your call log – who is it? What were they calling about? Who calls you the most?
Corey.  He calls to check in every now and then.  Make sure I'm still alive.  This happens often.

10. What is the longest phone call you can recall having?
I've had 60+ minute conversations with Corey before we were married and living together.  And that's as far back as my memory goes.


Peace out.

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