Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Update: Food and Fun

Thank goodness for sweet tasting glue strips on envelopes.  That's all I have to say.

But it's actually not.

You know me better than that.

It's Monday.  The day I tell you all the little details of Corey's and my weekend.

Like how we bought two tomato plants at the farmer's market.

But first, I start at the beginning.

Our hike.

It wasn't meant to be.

I said weeks ago that on Saturday Corey should choose for us to do one of two things: hike or golf.  He chose hike, picked the destination and scheduled us for a 7:45am departure time.  At 7:30am, as we were just waking up he suggested we get some breakfast instead.

Although I don't normally like to pass on an outdoor adventure, I had a hankerin' for home fries.  So we ditched our plans and went to Country Corner Cafe, just off the main street in Saratoga.

People, Cracker Barrel this place is not. Same country food, better country taste.  It's the kind of place out-of-towners flock to, which is why we were waiting along with parties of 9 and 12 to eat in a room the size of my bathroom.

Eventually we ate, we talked, we watched dogs walk by outside.  But before I move on to more interesting parts of the day I need to leave you with a mental picture of my breakfast, the Sunrise Benedict; two poached eggs over potato pancakes and roasted red peppers covered in hollandaise sauce.


After rolling ourselves down the stairs, across the street and into the car, Corey and I headed out to the farmer's market.

Where we bought two tomato plants.

For two people who don't eat tomatoes.


Yeah, we'll figure that part out later.  But right now we have two cute little green stalks with a couple 'a leaves sticking out and the promise of "jet star" sweet, less acidic tomatoes in 60-72 days.

We may or may not have spent several minutes, several times Saturday and Sunday just watching our little plant grow.  And I cannot guarantee we will not pick several teeny green pre-tomatoes out of excitement for having actually grown something edible.

We're city kids.

The rest of our afternoon (because it was afternoon by the time we were done running all around doing things you are not interested in) was less than exciting.  Corey browsed the latest in horse racing news.  I took a nap.

And then it was Father's Day...Yay!

Now, my sisters and I love our daddy, and we would have loved to take him to our favorite special occasion breakfast spot, but no amount of love was gettin' us in in under an hour and a half.  Everyone was there...eating our omelettes and apple cider donuts with their brothers, mothers, neighbors, aunties, friends, dogs, rabbits, owls, and office furniture.

So then we tried option two: our favorite every-other-day eatin' spot.  Packed to the gills. 

By the third try, your gramma's favorite diner because it's open when she wants it at 4am, we found a table in under 15 minutes.

I had the corned beef hash with eggs and potatoes...


We had ourselves a good little time, loved on our daddy, then it was on to the rest of the day.

In other words: laundry and a dog walk.

I also had to file my very first New York State sales tax form which was exciting and terrifying, but that's another story for another day...a day  in which I can find a way to make taxes less than the most boring subject ev-er.

And that's all the news that's fit to print.

Bye now.

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