Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Getaway

I like getting away about as much as I like coming home afterward.

Sometimes you just need to leave, but then there is nothing like home...where your pjs live and you know where to find your favorite channels.

Oh, and snacks.  You've got readily available snacks at home.

But I digress.

This past weekend was Corey and my annual fancy trip to the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid.

(Of Winter Olympics fame...not that horrible alligator movie)

He says hello.

Every year we drive up and plant ourselves in this cozy, charming, rustic, Adirondack lodge in the quaintest little village that you could never imagine holding tens of thousands of spectators the winter of 1980.

I use my spa gift card (it's a traditional stocking stuffer, thank you Corey!), we sit on the main porch and enjoy the Inn's tea time and then eat a whole lot in various places.

This past weekend was no different.

Except that maybe we ate more.  It ended up raining the entire time, so instead of grabbing a slice of pizza while walking through the village Saturday night, we hunkered down in Mirror Lake's restaurant and ate until the cows came home.

But in our defense, when food is good you tend to ignore the bulging seams of your pants for that one last bite....or entire slice of flourless chocolate cake in our case.

That night Corey found out exactly how much I like bluegrass.

A lot.  I like it a lot.  With or without a glass and a half of pino grigio....hypothetically speaking, of course.

On Sunday, after a morning workout (people, they give each bike, treadmill, elliptical, etc. their own TV!!) Corey joined me for a swim in the indoor pool before we met his parents for brunch.  A tasty brunch with fancy eggs and fancy jellies and itty bitty bottles of Tabasco sauce.

Then we all went back to our room to pack up, my mother-in-law swiped shower caps from the housekeeping trolley, and we checked out.


When you need a shower cap... (shrugs shoulders)

Anytheft, because it was still raining we weren't able to spend much time walking through the village.  So we hit a few of our favorite stores (Bon, I'm living in my new pants today!) and then left Lake Placid.

But wait, I saved the best for last.

And because, um, that's just how it goes chronologically.

On the side of the road about 20 minutes outside of Lake Placid we found this place:

A teeny food trailer!  For giggles I almost asked where I could find the ladies room.

Please notice the table and chairs sitting just feet from The Road.  A BBQ bus it is not, but wacky nonetheless.

And the best roadside trailer food I've ever eaten.  I recommend the falafel; messy, but delish...and really messy.

They have, um, very lax hygiene policies.  But I will eat here again. 

Like next weekend.

So in summary, good, great, awesome weekend.  A+.  Bravo.

...and now I'm ready for another one.

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Erin said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! You mentioned a BBQ bus!!! Looks like a fun time and remarkably similar to how I imagine people in NY to live in the summa.