Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Confessions

1.  It's Friday, again, and I have very little to confess.

2.  I've been saintly all week.

3.  And/or have forgotten all the things I wanted to share.

4.  Sometimes I catch myself making faces when I am frustrated, annoyed, excited, etc.  And I mean really screwy faces I would be embarrassed to know strangers saw.

5.  Striped fitted sheets mean the world to me.  They say, with no words at all, "this end up or down but not side to side," saving me several moments of frustration trying to stretch the short end to fit the long end, and then rotating it, and then rotating it again because I realized I just needed to stretch it a little farther the first time.

6.  Corey saves himself the frustration by leaving the sheet however it falls.

7.  Guilty pleasure, in my car when no one is watching edition: I take my shoes off and put my toes up to the AC vents.  Usually just my left foot.  It feels magical.

Also, singing and dancing would fit into this category.  Although I'm less concerned if someone sees dancing than holding my foot at face level.


Aaaaaand that's a wrap.  Happy Friday!


jen said...

i put my feet up like that too! but its only on long drives and when i am by myself, not sure if the husband would appreciate seeing me driving with one leg up...

i also will have entire arguments in my head and contort my face to match the argument, but i do this in public and forget that i am around people...i get weird looks, give weird looks back, then realize what i had been doing...

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

I, too, struggle with the fitted sheet fracas. We have a king, and the sides are ALMOST equal, but not quite. Oh, it's a gas.