Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 4th of July from our nation's capital!

(for those of you casing blogs to find out who is on vacation so you can rob poor suckers blind, just so you know, my neighbors consist of a feisty senior and a mom with questionable friends.)

This is, by far, the coolest place to be today.  And I am in Heaven.

Dear God,

Can Heaven be like Washington DC with its endless museums?


I was out early this morning with the crazy idea to jog by the White House.  Not so crazy, though, as there were at least 15 other joggers doing the same with their maps of the area.

I saw three things in abundance that surprised me:
  1. Squirrels
  2. Homeless people
  3. Police!
Dear God,

Can Heaven be like Washington DC but without the crazy homeless people?  Yes, they were happy crazies, but still crazy.  Also, if there are going to be a million squirrels running all over the place (which is what I would prefer because those suckers are so cute), can Heaven have no cars?  I don't think we need to be walking over their flattened corpses.


The police were all over the place, I'm assuming, because of the 4th festivities planned for later today.  There will be a parade around noon and fireworks tonight.  However, the paranoid freak in me tried oh-so-hard to convince myself they were taking preventative measures for some kind of attack*.  I hate the paranoid freak in me.

There were also several groups changing the flags for the day.  Do they fly a new flag every day?  I couldn't figure it out, but it was cool (almost used my mom's word of the decade "neat") to see how carefully they folded the old one.  There was a respect you don't see to much anymore.  That was the cynic in me.

I have a lot of people inside who speak for me.

Kinda weird.

Moving on...

Today's plans include a whole heckuva lot of museums.

Corey is super psyched.

First, Ford's Theater then the house across the street where Lincoln died.  I've seen it before, but it's still weird and awesome at the same time to be in the exact spot where a major incident in history occurred.

I'm getting a little nerdy.  I'll try to tone it down.

Then we'll head back to the Museum of Natural History.  Yes, back.  We were there yesterday but didn't see everything.  When I do museums, I DO museums.

Hopefully then we will head back to the art museum (which is right across the street from our hotel) so I can pick out every single detail from every single painting/portrait/sculpture.  I may be doing this by myself.

I'm more than ok with that.

Peace out.

*I probably now have an FBI file.

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jen said...

Ahhh Museums!!!! color me jealous!!!