Thursday, July 8, 2010

Road Trip Adventures

When I was 11 my parents packed up me, my sisters, our dog, and the entire house and moved us all from Long Beach, California to Elkhart, Indiana.

Something to do with the crime....

So off we go, through Arizona , New Mexico and Texas, then Louisiana and Mississippi.

"But wait, didn't you say you moved to Indiana?"

Good question.

Hello USA.  Lovely to be living within your borders.  Now, if you can just show my friends here a couple points of interest.

Wonderful, thank you.  My USA, is that a new perfume your are wearing?!


The map above shows our beginning and ending locations.  Notice the general northwardly direction of Elkhart, Indiana.

This is the route most likely taken by the two people who make the journey from Southern California to Northern Indiana every 10 years.  It is the most logical route.

Now, our route:

Needless to say, this trip took us weeks and straight through the Valley of Hell.*  Where the grasshoppers are so big they invite themselves for coffee and pleasant conversation.

After that move, I knew I could handle any road trip thrown my way.

Then Corey got in the car.

And off we went careening down the highway at 90mph, weaving through traffic also traveling 90mph, singing "All the single ladies, all the single ladies...if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it..." at the top of our (read: Corey's) lungs, for the six hour drive to Washington, DC.

All the while listening for directions from the Garmin:

"Continue straight on I-287now take exit 52."

We're lucky more weren't injured as we cut across three lanes of traffic.

"Turn left onto Gunther Road."

I don't think that's the name of the road...

"Is this right??"

"She said to turn here."

"But this is a ONE lane road!"

"Oh look!  Cows!

Side note, cows do not like it when you approach their babies with your camera no matter how friendly your mooing may appear.

"Arriving at destination.  1822 Resort Drive."

It was...memorable.  And as my parents talked about doing this same DC/Virginia vacation again I made a mental note to check flight schedules when I got home.

*To visit my granddaddy in Hattiesburg, MS.  Besides that, what else is there to see??  I mean other than Brett Favre's house, of course.

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Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

Oooh, girl. I love me some Brett Favre. I would drive from Miami to Juneau if I was guaranteed to meet him. Fortunately, Atlanta to Hattiesburg is a lot closer than that.