Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pet Peeves and Arm Fat

I hate whispering.

It is definitely on my Top 10 list of Most Annoying Things In The World, along with power outages during my Thursday night TV time and the If I Had A Million Dollars song.

And sometimes Corey.  But he already knows this.  Because it's his goal.

I hate it because it's so obviously subtle.


I think I just canceled

So what I mean is when you whisper to someone you're letting everyone else know that they are not privy to your business.  I may be a serial over-thinker, but this says, "The person I am whispering to is more important, aka better than you, and can know my secret stuff."

And in my own paranoid world it also means, "I wanted to tell this person, who is better than you, remember, something that I can't say out loud because it is about how you look ridiculous in those leggings."

The fact that I don't know what the offending whisperers are saying leads me to think the worst:

"It's my hair, isn't it?"

"Did I forget to brush my teeth??"

"Is my skirt tucked into my underwear again?!?"

I may have an overactive imagination.  And I think everyone talks about me...

...for some reason.

How is arm fat related to this post, you ask?

It isn't.

I just got the email below from my BFF around the same time as a whispering incident that set off this rant post.

"i noticed this tiny little faint line just below my bicep and above my inner elbow crease. at first i thought it was a scar and that maybe i had scratched myself. but then i did a couple of bicep curls and saw that it was in fact - a fat crease! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

She followed her (very detailed) description with an accurate depiction of said arm fat crease:
I may or may not have peed my pants a little.

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jen said...

Its posts like this that totally make my day! i too hate whispering and have a very vivid imagination that whatever is being whispered has to be about me and my chubby cheeks or poor choice in clothing...