Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Healthy Living

Corey and my methods of maintaining our health are different.

Opposite, actually.

I prefer to eat foods that are natural (aside from my few moments of weakness when I shove entire cakes down my throat) and exercise.

Corey eats frozen pizza and watches people exercise on one of our 27 sports channels.

I make doctor appointments while on my death bed.

Corey has a standing monthly appointment with our family practice doctor.

"How was your appointment this morning?"

"Good.  They took some blood and ran a urine test."

"Oh yeah.?"

"Yeah.  The results will be back next week."

"So what does he think you have?"

"Gas and indigestion."

"Oh wow..."

"Now I'm heading to the medical center for an X-ray."


"Because I have a rumbly stomach."

(wondering how an X-ray is going to show gas...)

"...no one in my family has this problem..."

"What problem?"

"This thing with my stomach."

"Gas is not hereditary!"

"Haven't you heard of PT??"


For the record, I have no idea what PT is.

We both manage to take our own preventative measures to maintain our health...but his way is much funnier than mine.

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