Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Since I've participated in this crazy Ten on Tuesday weekly post, I've not missed a single one.  Until last week.  When my brain was fried over-easy.  So sorry.

1. What is the worst movie you have ever seen?
What comes to mind is Leap Year.  I am a self professed hopeless romantic, but honestly, a guy and girl who hate each other fall in love and want to get married after a long weekend of driving through Ireland?  A cartoon princess falling through a well leading to a manhole in New York City is more believable.

Note to Amy Adams: you do not smile and laugh when it starts to rain on your horrible misadventure.  You scream and throw a fit.

2. Do you have a favorite Disney/Pixar film?
Let me use this question to confess (because it is a Disney movie) I loved Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen... 

...along with Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, Parent Trap and most of oh-so-troubled Lindsey Lohan's movies.

I'm glad I got that off my chest.

3. Do you have a favorite movie from the 80′s?
I've always loved Pretty Woman.  There's just something about wealthy business men falling in love with prostitutes that tugs at my heart strings.

4. Are there any movies you saw more than once in the theater?
My friend Melissa and I saw the first Austin Powers movie twice in the theater.  The second time, though, we told our parents we were going to see A Bug's Life.

"How was the movie?"


"What was it about?"


5. What is one city/area of the US that you have not seen but would like to see?
Just last week I looked at a map of the country to see how many states I've visited.

This is where I've been.

And this general area is where I'd like to go.

6. What are your favorite toppings on an Ice Cream Sundae?
There can be only one: hot fudge.

And maybe some nuts.

7. How many proms did you go to? What color was your prom dress? If you went to multiple proms, what color was your favorite prom dress?
Three proms for me, all with the same dood; two at my school, one at his.  I loved both of my dresses (two proms in one night, same dress, thus only two dresses necessary for all three proms.  i knew you were wondering.)  The second dress was my favorite, but the cut of it made getting into my date's truck without assistance or without pulling it up over my head impossible.

8. Is there a sport or extra-curricular activity that you didn’t get to try as a child that you wish you would have? (e.g. gymnastics, piano lessons, ballet, etc.)
Um.  No.  I tried just about everything: ballet, piano lessons, swim lessons, Spanish class, soccer, t-ball.  There wasn't much time to do anything else!

9. How many siblings do you have? Are you the oldest, middle, or youngest?
I have two of the best sisters.  Katie is the middle, she is 23.  And Kimberlie is the youngest, she is 22.  They are my best friends.  However, I don't think they are as fond of me as it is very well known throughout our family that I am, always have been, always will be, the absolute favorite daughter.

But don't ask my parents.  They'll lie and say they love us all the same to protect their feelings.

10. Do you feel like you fit in with your age group? Or do you feel younger/older than your age group?
I do not fit with my fellow twenty-somethings.  It seems as though everyone is into the party, drink orange soda until you puke, superficial scene.  I roll with the God crowd now and it's workin' out pret-ty good.


Debbie said...

So...our next Griswald vacation will be to the Mid-West...we must drive in order to see everything!!! Yea! Can't wait. Oh we can go to Iowa!!! Corey will love that trip.

Chelsea said...

I roll with the God crowd too. I'm a fan of them.

I'm fan of all those Lohan movies too. Can't help it.

jen said...

i watch those Lohan movies and just want to ring her neck and say "YOU WERE SO CUTE!!! WHAT HAPPENED????"

and depending on who my parents have talked to the most recent would be who their favorite is...

Sarah said...

Glad you confessed it first, but I love those Lindsey Lohan movies, too. Especially Parent Trap.

And Pretty Woman - such a good movie! Nice choice!