Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Warning: Do Not Read the Following If You Have a Vivid Imagination

We all go through many, mini fashion phases in life. 

For a few months in elementary school I thought my blue Bret Harte Bulldogs sweatshirt looked great pulled down over white tights with white slouch boots.  Thankfully, my mother did not agree to let me out of the house sans pants.

Similarly, Corey has gone through several trends.

The most recent:
  • Loafers with everything:  literally, he wears his driving moccasins everywhere, with everything.  This casual style I prefer to the uppity-tasseled-shoes-with-everything look he has since retired.
  • "Beach wear"...with loafers:  a nice button-up shirt with swim trunks worn (with loafers) out and about, like to my birthday "dinner".  This outfit, although his official summer ensemble, has run its course.
  • Birthday suit:  worn only indoors, Corey dons this "suit" for random activities, like washing the dishes, paying bills, and watering the plants.
That last one was possibly TMI (too much information, for those of you too cool for acronyms), but the truth must be told.

Plus, Corey thinks it's hilarious:

"Hey Beetle, what do you want to do for dinner?"

"I was thinking we should go--would you PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!"

And he thinks it's hilarious to share:

"Did Stacie tell you what I do now?"

This was said to my parents.  Followed by details.

I wish I could illustrate the look of shock and horror.

Yep, that's close.

I'm hoping this trend comes to an end soon, after all, we do have, ya know, windows.

Now if I can just illustrate Corey dancing in his special suit...

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