Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me...Two Weeks Ago

Birthday's are great for getting stuff you really want but could never get prior approval for from the master of finances.

Had I seen the two sweaters my in-laws gave me hanging on the rack I would have said:

"Oh my heavens, I need these.  But alas, they are more than $2, which is my own personal limit for buying random items for myself."

Yes, I do say "alas" to myself.  Sometimes.

And the hiking boots from Corey:

"Look at the absolutely fabulous boots made for hiking!  Why, they are just gloriously brown!  But alas, the price is high.  Perhaps I should look elsewhere, garage sales, consignment stores, dumpsters..."

Oh, and then there's Elsie.  My second born.

This Borden cow creamer from my parents would have been at the top of my "Must Silently Covet Because You Could Never Justify Buying" list.

But look.

There she sits.  In my hand.

Well, now she's perched on an antique looking tray on an actual antique dresser that I put in my dining room because it looks more like a buffet.

In case you were wondering.

Let's just say girlfriend is old and rare.  And breakable and rare.  And has pointed udders and rare.

And I love her.

There were other lovely gifts; my sisters are always so thoughtful.  They seem to know me better than I know me...which reminds me of that commercial:

"Oooo, what am I thinking right now?!"



"No.  I don't want no donuts."

You had to be there.

But I digress.

And before I digress any further, because it is already in the works, thanks to everyone, you're beautiful, let's do this again sometime.

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