Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog neglect is bad for everyone

I am an inattentive blog-mom and have been neglecting my blog-child.


If it makes you feel any better, I've also been neglecting most everything else that crosses my path!

Not better?


Well, I'm not one for making excuses, unless I have a really good one which is all the time because I can justify anything, but if you'll remember, I do have a tad going through my brain currently.  Even though I'm not a bucket of nerves like last week, I still have tons to think about in addition to, you know, actually performing the duties for which I'm paid.

It also doesn't help that Corey gives me no material.

Besides pretending he's an Iron Chef and whizzing through the kitchen, I've got nothin'.

Oh, but he did kinda lock us out of our apartment last night.  We had to wait outside for our landlord's son, me in my walk-the-dog gear, him in work pants and a holey undershirt.

And then he may or may not have gone out onto a ledge to clean the outside of our windows, in full view of every passing car, in a t-shirt, boxers and black socks.

Ok, so he gives me a little material.

With or without his input, I should be fully operational by mid-June.  Or tomorrow.  We'll see.


Debbie said...

Uh...hello, where are the pictures???

Who Does That said...

I do not want to see Corey in his underpants. Your mother should not, either!