Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Confessions

1.  I like cheese.  I'm not all ga-ga over it, but I do enjoy me a slice over crackers occasionally.  However, to think of how it's made, with all the bacteria nonsense, makes me a little queasy.

2.  Corey grades my posts.  Surprisingly, the ones where I mention him receive A+ marks.

3.  Speaking of Corey, sometimes he gets what he deserves for being so snarky.  Yesterday, a car drove through a huge puddle as he was walking down the sidewalk.  And, yes, he was drenched.  We later found chunks of snow stuck in the hood of his jacket.

4.  And then he was nearly sexually assaulted by the dog.

5.  I keep tissues in my sleeves.  Like your grammy.  Then I forget about them and find tissues laying all around the house.  Or in the dryer.  Or in my dog's mouth.

6.  I want to be famous just so I can be on Dancing With the Stars.

7.  My nails grow funny.  Because the skin creeps out I can't cut them short and when I type on a laptop my fingers slide all around them keys.

8.  I can never have a laptop and that makes me sad.

9.  I pick up dogs.  The little ones.  If you have a dog that is pick-upable I will.  And then I will ignore you.  Sorry.

10.  Yesterday was my parents' anniversary and I had to be reminded by my husband.  I am a bad daughter.  But then again it's something like 32 years they've been married so I'm sure they aren't making a big deal anymore.  But then again being married 32 years to my dad should earn my mom a gold star or a parade.  I just drive the guy home from work and I want to throw myself out of the car.

Just kidding daddy!!  Happy Anniversary!!


Peace out, foo's.  Just kidding.  I think very highly of you.


jen said...

My parents anniversary is coming sister and I know its in March, usually around the 19th or so, but we both know they change the date EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. in order to drive me and my sister crazy!

Mamarazzi said...

of course they get an A+ i totally get that. i personally give this post an A+ because i am mentioned here.

Coco would love it if you picked her up. i am totally use to getting ignored when she is around...again, i get that.

wow i am really easy going huh?

yeah i think so too.


Molly said...

I totally am blog stalking you from Chelsea. I'm stuck in an airport for two hours so your blog is my entertainment. Thank you. FYI: I too despise flying. Hope your Seattle trip is ok. I too keep tissues like an old lady in my sleeve. So glad another non grandma does that. And finally, why can't you have a laptop? You should tell us....but not here in these comments because I'll never find this post again.

Molly said...

And FYI: chels is right. Your blog is great