Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Has Finally Sprung

Yay!  And I've seen brave little green sprouts all over the place!

Unfortunately, they are now all covered by about three inches of snow.

But I'm not even going to let that bother me because there's something more exciting than the early signs of spring.

House Hunting!!

Officially, that is.  I've been lurking the MLS listings for months now.  I would go so far as to say I have our dream house, the house in which we will raise our seven children, all picked out, and mentally decorated.

Which it needs.

Badly.  But the charm is in the bones of this house.  And I love, love, love me a good before-and-after project.

Would you believe I have a step-by-step plan for this room which I am assuming is supposed to be a dining room?

Believe it.  And it includes buffing the glorious hardwood floors I'm assuming lie under this hideous checker board.

The kitchen...well, the kitchen will need to be ripped out completely.  But this just means we get the kitchen we want instead of the kitchen previous owners wanted.  Again, I have ideas.  Think cork floor, open cabinets.  That's all I'm saying.

This house has five bedrooms (so our seven dear children will have to bunk-up), two bathrooms, fireplace, a nice open yard, and a little apartment over the detached garage.

Not to mention it's in a neighborhood of Saratoga that is on the verge of a boom, the arts district and downtown are within walking distance, and the elementary school is less than a block away.  But because it's a little ugly the asking price is practically a steal (one I hope to take advantage of...ahem, Corey).  I know, with a little TLC and handy, capable contractors we could make this a cozy home.

But then there's this little gem...

The "kitchen" in the apartment over the garage.  I'm not quite sure how to tackle this project yet.

But first I'm trying to convince Corey this is our house.



Anonymous said...

LOVE the wood on the walls in the kitchen! And open cabinetry all the way! I will never go back to having cabinet doors up top. It makes everything seem so much bigger and brighter!

jen said...

that is FANTASTIC!!!!! i cant wait to officially go house hunting, until then its lurking on old house dreams for me!