Friday, March 25, 2011

Five Things

The following was written last summer but never posted...probably because I thought I should re-think my answers to sound a little less, um, shallow.  But nevermind that.  I post now.

The Times Union, Albany's newspaper, recently interviewed my boss.  They touched on everything but the political mess in New York (thank goodness because there's more than enough material there to fill every newspaper).  One question was what five things could you not live without.


But that couldn't include people.


So it got me thinking about what I couldn't live without:
  1. Bible.  This is what we call a Sunday School answer, the kind where you know what the right answer should be even though you think you'd much rather have your Xbox. Yes, I know I should not live without my Bible but sometimes I really just like TV time....but that's for another discussion.
  2. Cell phone.  Because it does everything from tell me which direction I am heading to how level my desk is.  On the rare occasion (read: often) when I leave it at home, I feel disconnected from the world.  Lost.  Confused.
  3. Sneakers.  Not to be confused with Snickers, number six on my list.  Without my sneakers I could not play.  And if I could not play I would be bored, and cranky.
  4. Craft supplies.  Again, bored and cranky.
  5. Computer.  I can't imagine how I survived before computers.
There are other very important items I could include, like underwear, television, and hair ties, but I think I got the best ones up there.  My boss had things like her convertible, cell phone and pictures of her family.

Very clever.  You can't include people so you use pictures of people.   And if I had a convertible I would not want to be without it either.

Nice exercise Times Union.

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Mamarazzi said...

my cell phone is not working right now and it is REALLY inconvenient.