Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Confessions

1.  I always seem to have a little gnat following me around.  He's buzzing around my office, then I find him keeping me company while I fold the laundry at home. 

Do I stink?

2.  I got my confrontation on last Friday.  Our parking lot was full of cars because of the basketball tournament going on at the Civic Center and I needed to save a spot for my boss, so I packed a trash can full of law books, taped a neon green sign to the front that said "RESERVED", and set it in the nearest spot.  Four seconds later a lady ran the thing over.  We had words.

3.  My little friend just flew up my nose.  I think this relationship has run its course.  But in all honesty I never was really that happy with it anyway.

4.  I mentioned on Tuesday how I love onions, but let me be very clear here:  I LOVE onions.  So, yes, I guess I do stink.

5.  Here's a major pet peeve: when I'm driving along on a two-lane road and someone up ahead stops to make a left turn and none of the cars ahead of me use the shoulder to go around.  I wouldn't call myself a road-rager except in this situation.

6.  Lysol tells me it's groddy and dangerous to use a regular soap dispenser because a million little germs are living on the pump and are transferred to your hands.  I do not understand why that matters.  Don't you use the soap to wash them off anyway?

7.  I work in a very fun office environment.  On Monday my co-worker brought in what she found under her bed.  It was a dead chipmunk.

8.  I was sad to see BYU lose last night to Florida, I love that Jimmer Fredette.  But then I was secretly glad because I don't have them going further in my bracket.

9.  My new favorite show is NBC's Perfect Couples.  Sorry Community and The Office, you're just going to have to step up your game.

10.  I'm starting to feel anxious brain again so I'm really glad this post is over.  You should be too because everything that follows is going to be written version of me pacing back and forth muttering nonsensicals.


Peace out!


april said...

I keep wanting to see Perfect Couples because the commercials look hilarious but I can never remember to find out what day/time it's on. I wonder if I can catch up On Demand ... what channel is it on?

april said...

I just watched the last 5 episodes of PC. If only someone would have a dream sequence where they stabbed Lee, the show would be perfect. :)