Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Update

...with Stacie Lucas.

"Hello, and welcome to the show."

But seriously, we have a lot of ground to cover.  I may actually revert to bullet points just to get this thing in at under 25 pages.  Maybe we should get started:

Hey, I love laser tag.

That's all I really wanted to talk about.  There was a bunch of other stuff, like a day of baking, freezing my bones outside, and coffee with a friend.  But the big ticket item was the laser tag.

My family is slightly addicted.

"Hmmm, what should we do for Katie's birthdaylaser tag!!"

...and then:

"Kimberlie, what do you want to do for your birthdaylaser tag!!!"

Next will be:

"Happy April 4thlaser tag!!!"

Followed by:

"I have this annoying little hang naillaser tag!!!"

My sister, Kimberlie's, birthday dinner was Saturday night.  So we had friends over for dinner, which was just to carbo-load and strategize for an evening of running (but not running because it's against the rules) around with a bunch of fifth graders shooting at stuff. 

"What's the point?"  Corey always asks.

Adrenaline.  There's kind of a rush in stalking your prey and then shooting the bejeezus out of it.

Winning.  It's nice to win.  And then rub it in everyone's faces.  However, I believe Charlie Sheen now owns this word so I'll probably have to pay him now.

Exercise.  We all came outta there sweaty so I'm sure we got a little cardio workout.

Target practice.  For those of us who hunt for real.  Or fight crime.  For the record, I do neither.

Youth serum.  Being silly is good for wrinkles.

Team building.  Learning to not shoot your fellow red team members will help you in the real world.

After all this, I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to play.  I'm pretty sure I know what you're thinking:

"I'll see you on the course."

Right you are, my friends.  It's on.

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