Friday, November 27, 2009

Ahhhh, the Holidays

Within the past few days I have spent more time baking two pies than it takes to make an entire Thanksgiving meal.  I locked myself out twice.  I ate way too much.  I learned how to rue.  I shopped at 3am.  I spent 4 hours standing in lines.

I sat outside of JCPenny with my dad at 2:45 this morning for the super doorbuster deal on a cozy pair of slippers.  We were the first in line.  We were the line. 

It was his "spreadsheet of savings" that brought us to the store, an organizational tactic you see in only the most seasoned Black Friday shoppers.  However, it was our rookie naïveté that lead us to believe we would actually have to fight an angry mob of shoppers for doorbuster cargo pants.

Needless to say, we got everything we needed without incident...but not without embarrassment.

Tips for future Black Friday shopping:
  • If you will be standing in line outside, wear layers that can be easily removed.
  • Designate a line holder while others shop.
  • Fanny pack to hold water, mints, bandaids, air deodorizer.

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