Wednesday, November 4, 2009

PSA to my readers

Hey folks, (and by folks I really mean mom) sometimes I don't feel good.  Sometimes I'm in a lousy mood.  Other times I just have nothing to say.  So if you log on for your daily dose of entertainment (I am flattered, though, that you miss my wit...occasionally, but I digress) and I have nothing for you, trust me, you most likely do not want to read what is really on my mind.

If I were to blog every single day, this is what you might find:

What is up with parents letting their whiney brats go through the aisles of the grocery store piling boxes on boxes of sugar snap candy dandy doos...or whatever they're called.

Yikes.  This is mean.

Or this:

So, my snot wasn't green today.

I think you get the idea.

Or there is the would-be-subject of today's post:

Yesterday Corey went to the grocery store to get chicken and he left without the chicken.  Woo!

See what I mean?  Some days I am just not funny.  And if you (mom) are going to pester me for new posts I just might tell you where to go.

...I meant the Cake Wrecks website since it's funny all the time.  What were you thinking??

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