Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now here is a list of things I would like to be thankful for next month:
  • Wii.   Adults can play video games too (Corey), as you will see in the following games I am also wishing for: Wii Fit, Trivial Pursuit, Super Mario Brothers.
  • Nikon camera.  The small one.  So I can put it in my pocket and take impromptu pictures of mullets and mom jeans.
  • Gym bag.  The cheap canvas bag I currently use is too small.  And it stinks.
  • UGGs.  I am about four years behind in this trend, but it has taken me that long to NOT call them UGGlies.  Size 8.  Contact Corey for styles.  There are several to chose from.
  • Title Nine vest.  Boss's daughter has one.  I'd like to copy her.  Contact Corey for more information.
  • Long Johns.  I, um, get cold.
  • Travel size Bible.  Because I can't nag myself about what I should be doing.
  • Salt and pepper shakers.  No joke.  We use salt directly out of the tube it came in.  Very primitive.
  • Purdue gear.  To combat all of the Notre Dame apparel I see daily.  Victoria's Secret makes a mean Boilermaker hoodie.
  • Apple Macbook.  Yes.  This is pricey, but it would be a good time for long forgotten great-aunt Joanne to feel the sudden urge to revive the familial bond with her sister's daughter's daughter and make up for all the lost Christmases and birthdays.  In turn, I will make up for all the macaroni art she never received from me.  I think that's fair.
  • Bernina sewing machine.  The mac daddy of sewing machines.  And why shouldn't I have the best?  My ability to put a pot holder together is totally professional.
  • Queen's Greatest Hits.  Voted best band of all time by me.  Worst band of all time: Third Eye Blind.
That's all, dear, dearest friends.  May you have the most wonderful, blessed holiday season!

P.S. For shipping purposes, all major department stores have my address on file.  Thanksomuch.

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