Friday, November 13, 2009

A general plea to the masses

People, please, let's practice good grammar.  Take advantage of your computer's spelling advice.  Because you never know if the person you are sending a letter, memo, or note to may have undiagnosed adult attention deficit disorder and is completely thrown off by the most innocently misplaced comma.

I'm speaking generally, of course.

Think about the recipient of that letter.  Is he or she going to read the same sentence 18 times and still not know your dog, John Charles, is sick because you did not separate his name from the rest of the sentence with the proper punctuation?

Is he or she going to eventually become so frustrated over incorrect verb tense that he or she must stand in a corner and rock back and forth while humming Journey songs until the world is right again?

All things to consider when drafting that "Dear John" letter, or the "..doesn't that skirt make Judy's butt look big?" accidental mass email.

We can all make a conscious effort to make good grammar choices so these silently tortured individuals can find some peace.

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