Monday, November 23, 2009

It's all a waiting game

Who can wait the longest for that $100 46" flat screen TV??

I'll tell you who can: me.

And my dad.

And anyone else who is brave-slash-crazy enough to park it in the dark, in the cold, for 5+ hours with nothing to entertain you but your own wit.

By "wit" I mean sarcastic remarks about frozen snot balls.

We'll be among the first to receive Best Buy's golden ticket of savings, giving us the opportunity to spend $200 and walk away with two microwaves, a DVD player, the first season of House, and a fridge.

This is all complete conjecture, of course.  I have never actually seen this coupon, as they are handed out to only the earliest of early birds.  However, I was offered one two years ago.  For $65.  This leads me to believe it either contains an abundance in savings or it is printed on gold leaf.

No matter, I will have one in my hand at 3:30am Friday. 

In my other hand will be a pastry of some kind.  Maybe a turkey sandwich.

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