Monday, December 13, 2010


I know we've been over this before, but I'll just share what's on my mind:

Sometimes I just don't have anything to say, yo.

And I've had nothing to say All.  Day.

Although technically I could have said things like: Hey, my purse smells like a dirty car.  But where would that have gone?  I'll tell you where, a place I don't normally like to go.

I also could have told you about how I wore my rain boots to work, expecting it to rain, and that it didn't actually rain any more than thirty minutes at 9am.  But would you have cared?

Of course you would have.  You nice souls, you.

(Except for that Stacey girl who posts pictures of me sleeping.)

(Hehe, uh, just kidding Stace.  I kid, I kid....and I'm a little afraid of you.)

We could have delved into the mysteries of the universe and you could have gone on and on about the meaning of our existence on this big rockin' world and I would have said, "funny thing about those hippos, huh?  What's up with that?"  And then you would have gotten mad because you'd realize I'm about as deep as a paper cup.

So, really, it's best that I just keep myself to myself some days.  For both our sake.

Hasta manana, hombres.

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