Monday, December 13, 2010

If only presents could be gummy bears and hot pockets...

There is a reason Jill and I are friends.  Follow this email if you dare:

Stacie: "thanks for reminding me of something i needed to do in relation to your sorta present that i forgot to do about five hours ago."

Jill: "what's a sorta present? can you give me an example? is it like...say we're driving on the highway to some destination, we've been on the road for a couple of hours, you forgot to fill-up your car with gas because you were busy loading everything in the car, and Oliver had to go for walk so you took him out to pee before he got in the car and then you remembered you left his water dishes and food bowl inside so then you go back inside and while your grabbing Oliver's stuff you decide to grab some cheeze-itz for the road but then Corey starts arguing with you because you're taking all the snack food out of the house and he needs those snack foods to watch the game that's about to come on and then you yell back that you bought them so he can go get his own, and so all your arguing and scrambling made you leave late which made you late in picking me up and you didn't have time to get gas and i didn't eat anything because i was planning on waiting until we arrived at our destination so then when you stopped for gas you decided you would run into the gas station and buy me a soda, gummy bears and a hot-pocket TYPE OF PRESENT??"

Please excuse me as I pick myself up off the floor.  Again.

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Chelsea said...

Dear Jill,

I love you.

An Internet Stranger