Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A kitchen without gadgets is like....a kitchen. Without gadgets.

While in TJ Maxx picking up a replacement baking sheet for the one my Christmas quiche destroyed (didn't know a girly breakfast item could be so destructive, did you?), Corey's mom and I had the following conversation:

"So Beetle, do you need anything else for the kitchen while we're here?"

"Um, well we could use some new dish towels."

"Done.  We'll get these.  Anything else?"

"Hmmm, not that I can think of..."

Then later on that day Corey and I drove home and I remembered some things we could have used.  For instance:

...a dish drainer.  Currently, we use a crappy dish towel.  And yes, that is several layers of dishes stack precariously on top of other dishes.  We have had dish avalanches.

We could also use some salt and pepper shakers.  Our current method (pouring salt out of the tube) makes dishes just slightly salty.  And I say that with extreme sarcasm.  At least the pepper has little holes and it is harder to over pepper.  So maybe we just need a salt shaker.  But that's dumb.

I was given rooster shakers (which I l-o-v-e) but Corey has requested something a tad more...normal.

Here is our butter dish.  Quite literally.  We put our butter on a plate.  A regular plate we eat dinner on.  Yes, we eat dinner on paper plates.  For convenience.  When we switch Dixie patterns we do eventually switch our butter "dish."

Next is a double whammy: this is our food-off-chin-wiping-system.  Also known to some as napkins.  As you can see, this is not napkins.  It's a roll of paper towels.  So, 1) we don't have napkins, 2) thus, we don't have a napkin holder, and 3) also no paper towel holder.  Triple whammy, actually.


We're pretty kitchen-deficient despite owning three kinds of whisks and a little gadget that squeezes the daylights out of garlic, but somehow we manage to get food in our bellies.

It's called Stouffer's chicken pot pies.

Don't cry for me.


Who Does That said...

Love this post!!

jen said...

that is exactly what our kitchen looks like...

just add a teenage boy eating all the time, talk about whamys!!!!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Heh, I could use a dish rack too. We know the dishtowel avalanches all too well. Here's a few more gadgets that we have that we couldn't live without:

*Quesadilla Maker --Target $20
*Coffeemaker for making hot loose herbal tea
*Stand Mixer --Never knew what I was missing before we got this
*Sandwhich maker cooker thing
*Electric Roaster, great for making everything from chicken to chili to cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes.