Monday, December 6, 2010

Wrap It Up: NYC Edition

Hmmm, how do I break down my weekend without making this post the size of Texas?



I know.


We all love bulleted lists.  They're short.  Simple.  And short.

Let's start with Friday:
  • I don't remember Friday.
  • Hellloooo 5:00am.
  • Wake up, shower, dress, eat, drive, board train by 7:00am.
  • Giggle at how much I love and miss train rides.
  • Act like it hasn't been 18 years since the last time I was on a real train.
  • Arrive in NYC.
  • Act like it isn't the first time walking around the city by myself.
  • Giggle at how cool it is to be a big girl.
  • Walk fast like locals.
  • Find Rockefeller Plaza.
  • Stare at huge tree.
  • Stare at people.
  • Freeze.
  • Find heaven on earth (read: 2-story Antropologie)
  • Find NBC studio store.
  • Find NBC studio cafe.
  • Find place to sit right at the window where I can stare at people without them knowing I'm staring at them.
  • Wait two hours.
  • Surprise BFF Jill as she walks in the NBC store (her birthday "party" was a NYC scavenger hunt)
  • Take tour of NBC.
  • Wave at SNL cast members.
  • Giggle about almost meeting famous people.
  • Walk to FAO Schwartz.
  • Wait.
  • Wait.
  • Wait.
  • Get in, find two more friends, watch big piano show, hear "let's go find a bar."
  • Walk to bar which was actually a speakeasy.  I just had water.  It's legal.
  • Find Scottish restaurant and eat best crabcake ev-er.
  • Eat chicken.
  • Eat cake.
  • Eat haggis.  Find out what it's made of.  Turn green.
  • Down two pints of beer.  In five and a half hours.
  • Giggle at everything.
  • Realize my train leaves in 30 minutes.
  • Run to Penn Station.  In boots that were barely made for walking.
  • Board train with 6 minutes to spare.
  • Use bathroom on board.  Gag and giggle.
  • Curl up on two seats with scarf over my face.
  • Fall asleep then wake up abruptly no less than 5 times, scared I missed my stop.
  • Reach Albany, find Corey waiting.
  • Drive home, put on pjs, crawl into bed, fall asleep at 3:00am.
  • I don't remember Sunday.
That was easy.  I may choose to expand on some of these activities at a later date.  A date my brain can produce full sentences; any amount of the drink gives me the stupid hat for awhile.

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Corey said...

2 pints? Wow, you've graduated from 1 pint...good to hear!