Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Confessions

Many apologies for missing last week's round of confessions.  I have since crawled out of my trypto-coma and can now carry on with the sharing and caring:

1.  Much to Corey's amazement I watched several hours of a Star Wars marathon Sunday night.

"You're STILL watching this??  Who are you??"

2.  When I lived in California I was under the impression the men building the house at then end of the block would shoot staples at people who said negative things about the house.  So each and every time I rode by on my bike I stopped and said to myself very loudly, "Wow, this is a niiiiiiice house."

3.  I am afraid of slow moving cars.  There has not been a drive-by in Saratoga Springs since the days of the Revolutionary War, and yet as I stand on the sidewalk while my dog does his business I can't help but to think the car creeping toward the stop sign at the end of my street (just yards from my house) is full of MC-13s on a mission.

4.  I may be a little eccentric.

5.  Corey won an iPod and gave it to me (thanks!), and when I went to the computer to set it up and download songs I noticed on his music library the amount of times certain songs were played.  Journey was popular, as were his "track" songs.  Then I scrolled down further and found the most listened to song.  Love Story by Taylor Swift.  I have discovered after five years my husband is a romantic.

6.  Don't dress in all red from now until Christmas unless you want me to call you Santa.

7.  Inappropriateness alert: After being asked to help come up with ideas to decorate tables for a World AIDS Day event the first idea that popped into my head was condoms.

8.  Sassy Stacie is coming back.  I'm painting my nails brown tonight.

9.  When I was planning our wedding I registered for a website called The Knot.  It was full of tips and helpful ideas for wedding planning, but little did I know I was also signing up for The Knot's sister sites: The Nest and The Bump, sites for newlyweds and pregos, respectively.  Recently, my mother stumbled onto my (empty) The Bump profile; thus continues my struggle to convince her we are not expecting.

10.  However, my parents do need grandchildren ASAP.  Today they are borrowing our friend's baby to take him to a Disney magic show in town.

Merry Christmas Shopping!!!

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Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

3. I completely agree and feel the same way. However, I do not agree with your #4. I'm not eccentric, I'm just crazycakes and paranoid.

9. I frequent the Money Matters board on The Nest.