Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Confessions

1.  I read this in the paper Monday: Iran says it can make yellowcake.  It was not the article I thought it would be...
2.  While brushing my teeth I often wonder if zombies are creeping up behind me.

3.  Last Saturday I spent the day in New York City with a group of people who are very liberal with their f-bombs and other choice words.  After a full day I got back on the train to head home.  I looked in a mirror and noticed my very limp hair and said to myself, "I gotta put this sh#! up."

4.  The last time I was on a train before last weekend was in California when I was around 10 years old.  My family was on our way to San Juan Capistrano when we passed a group of about 30 people all bent over, mooning the train.  So many butts....

5.  My parents are Toby Mac groupies.

6.  This one is embarrassing: Only just recently did I discover people's references to "Big Brother" did not actually have anything to do with the TV show.

7.  I have lost all faith in Doorbusters and Bonus Buys.  Yesterday Bon Ton advertised a Magic Bullet set for "only" $39.97.  They say the original price is $80 when I know for a fact those suckers are only $50.  Who do you think you're fooling Bon Ton??

8.  While sitting at a desk or table, if I see a spot of something that appears to be sticky I feel this irresistible urge to touch it.  This action is always, always, always followed by, "what was I thinking?!"

I'm just curious.

9.  On Wednesday I turned down an entire tray of deviled eggs. 

"Are you sure?  We aren't going to eat them...?"

"Um.  No thanks."

Way to choose that day to be polite.

10.  I have a tendency to avoid change.  Even when the same corner of the locker room I use at the gym starts to smell like pee.


Chelsea said...

Can we please be friends?


jen said...

THIS is embarrassing, i had to google bon-ton and magic bullet, because, well...lets just say that was not what i thought a magic bullet was...