Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lovely Branches, Tree (wink)

"(on phone)...we got our Christmas tree tonight and...(to me) hey beetle, how many fights did we have?"


"(on phone again)...and we had NO fights!!"

Surprising, I know.  When you have two people who are 100% correct 100% of the time, you're bound to have slight disagreements when handling projects like this.  Or hooking up a printer, putting furniture together, emptying the dishwasher, walking the get the idea.

After applying several layers of clothes...

"Corey!  Just how many jackets do you have on under there??"

...we drove out to Hewitt's to pick out the perfect tree.  We were in my car and I drove.  If you know anything about us, this is astonishing.
  1. I am "the worst driver, ever" according to my darling husband
  2. My car is "unsafe" (read: Corey prefers the BMW.  can't blame him)
"For goodness sake Corey, you can stop holding on to the handle."

"It's ok.  I'm....comfortable like this."


"Corey, this is MY car.  That means I get to control the radio."

"Yeah, but this is ESPN radio..."


"Jeez beetle, you need to get gas!"

"Ugh, I am totally fine.  I have 34 miles left."


Luckily, we were the only shoppers in the tree department at Hewitt's.  No one was around to hear the following:

"Oooo, what about this one?"

"No, it's a fraser fir."

"How do you know??"

"Trust me.  I know"

"What about this one?"

"Fraser fir.  What about this?"

"That's the same kind of tree I just showed you!!"

"No it's not.  This is a balsam fir."

"So basically, there is NO difference between a balsam and a fraser??

"Oooo, look at this one."

I have no idea what kind of tree we ended up with, but it smells Dee.  Vine.  It's a little thin for my taste, but it's taller than last year's.  And that's all I was hoping for.

How do I know it's taller?

Well, we may or may not have dug out a measuring tape.  And Corey may or may not have have climbed up the ladder we may or may not have hanging out in our dining room.

Ten.  Feet.  Exactly.

And this was after having the tree guy chop off about seven inches at the very top because it looked like a scary finger.


So, after we loaded up the sucker and drove home, I watched as Corey dragged it off my car, up the stairs and through the apartment (read: I took pictures to post here).  A bit of a struggle ensued, Corey vs. the tree, and he eventually got the thing in position to be hoisted up into its stand.

"Will you put the camera down and help?!?"

"Yeah, but I have to document this!"

"Is it for the blog?"


"I'll go change."

He walked off and I heard:

"Oh no!"


"We lost a crucial piece of the tree!"


Now, I have just one more picture to show you, but I was having issues with my phone.  It was going for ethereal while I just wanted to show you what my tree ended up looking like.  I did not win this fight:

I am also fighting with blogger.  Sometimes they don't like to rotate pictures.

I won't get into the whole "light" ordeal.  Let's just say they were done twice and the thing still looks funky.  And Corey and I strongly differ on whether you drape or bury the lights.  It seems to be a combination of drape, bury, and hurry-up-because-my-pigs-in-blankets-are-getting-cold.

But anyway, the tree is up, it's watered, and ready to be decorated. 

Now we just need some decorations!

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jen said...

maybe i should take pictures of my husband wrestling with the tree box...could be entertaining...