Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Confessions

1.  I go to bed around 9:30, but two nights this week I was up until midnight working on jewelry.  I may or may not have kicked Corey one of the next mornings when his alarm went of at 6am on his day off.

2.  I'm going to NYC today.  It's going to be equal parts magically cheerful and stinky-crowded-hot mess.

3.  I may or may not have considered taking back all the gifts I bought and spending the money at the Rockefeller Plaza Antropologie.

4.  I love Antropologie more than life itself.

5.  I have issues.

6.  The hole in my coat is still there.

7.  I cooked Brussels sprouts at my parents' house for my office luncheon.  When they came home they thought one of the dogs had died.

8.  I have ingested more cookies in a week than most people in an entire year.  I am more jittery than a cocker spaniel and I'm pretty sure I'm freakin' out my co-workers.

9.  I felt the need to wear a super cheesy holiday sweater to Corey and my Christmas party Saturday.  Although it wasn't cheesy enough because I got a lot of "Hey, uh, you look...nice."

10.  New Year's Resolution: begin shopping for, and wrapping next year's Christmas gifts in February.


I'm a pretty lame blogger this week.  Sorry.  It's Christmas and I've been spreading Christmas cheer!....and eating cookies.

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