Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Have I mentioned how much I love these Tuesday posts?  I live for random, and what is more random than cheese?  Go over to Roots and Rings and thank Chelsea for throwing all this business together every week.  And then look at her baby.  A-dor-a-ble.

1. What is your favorite kind of cheese?
Cheddar or mozzarella.  Or whatever kind can go in everything.

Except for American.  I love America, but can't stand our cheese. 

C'mon guys, we can do better than this.
2. Do you prefer fudge with or without nuts?
Yes.  Puh-leeze.

3. How do you feel about cats?
I've always been allergic to cats, so I've never really been around them.  Until, I met Corey.  And his family.  And his family's cats.  On the one hand there was Margarita, a soft, snuggly gray cat that I l-o-v-ed.  Then on the other is Tully, my in-laws' big, scary, I'm-watching-you, S.O.B.

The verdict is in:  I'll take my chances.  I want a kitty.
4. Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts?
I always liked Julia, then I saw some interview where she was acting a little snooty there on her high horse.  So I'm going with Meg Ryan.  We can't deny her cheesy romantic comedy-edness.

5. Do you wear a watch?
I do.  But it's for show.  I have a 12 and a 6 and then two tick marks.  Unless those hands are lined up with any of the four indicators, I'm lost.

6. What are a few of your favorite songs from the 90′s?
Anything Backstreet Boys.  Hey, remember Ace of Base?  Is it lame if I still love them?

7. Do you like scented candles?
I do, but I'm not as diligent in lighting them as Corey.  And I like the girly scents, but since I live with a boy now, we go with the smell of apples or a beach or a campfire.  Eh.

8. What do you like on your hamburger?
Everything imaginable.

9. How often do you cut your fingernails?
I guess every couple weeks, or so.  I like to keep the suckers short.  Long nails creep me out.  Long story.

10. Do you sleep in socks?
I start out in full nighttime regalia: socks to sweatshirt.  But in a matter of hours I'm down to my final layer.  Every day of my life I'm freezing cold at one time or another, and yet I sweat like a water buffalo in my sleep.

That's ten.  Bye now.


jen said...

my husband has the same sweaty-water-buffalo thing which is another reason why i don't wear socks to bed-they are like my instant thermostats...husband sweating? stick out bare feet!

Chelsea said...