Saturday, April 10, 2010

A blogger's lament

Folks, blogging is hard.  There is a certain amount of pressure involved to constantly think of something interesting to keep all five of you...interested.

Yes, that level of pressure is relatively low considering there's just five of you.

But still, pressure is pressure.

Do you honestly think that much happens in either Corey's or my day to fill even two paragraphs?

Here I will briefly outline our life:

I wake up.  I take dog for a walk.  I read.  I make breakfast.  Corey wakes up.  We fight for bathroom/shower time.  Get ready for work.  Leave for work.  Work (kind of).  Watch people walk by.  Eat.  Work.  Talk to co-workers (in Corey's case, harass co-workers).  Go home.  Walk dog.  Corey: sit at computer.  Stacie: sit on couch.  Watch TV.  Eat.  Watch TV.  Stacie: go to bed.  Corey: watch TV.

See.  Not a lot going on here.

We're all pret-ty lucky I have developed the gift of exaggeration.

But I exaggerate.  We really aren't that boring.  Just today we had a very colorful conversation about my inability to dispense of leftovers stuck to the sides of my little Tupperware containers.  Don't get me started.  I could fill up your hard drive and crash the whole system on that topic alone.  Because seriously, is it really the end of the world to leave three little dried up black beans in a container I was fully intending to soak for at least a week?  I think not, but I digress.

Speaking of digressing, what's that smell??

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