Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. If you could travel back in time, would you? What decade would you visit?  Yes.  I'd spend some time in my California, Olive Avenue days; playing tag in the church parking lot, Chinese jump rope at school, witnessing gun fights and robberies.  Then I'd visit band camp.  Forget what you've heard, band is cool.  And I'd finish my time travel tour in my college years; hanging out with my besties, playing orange soda games.
2. What was your best Halloween costume? (fun to make? most creative?) Warren/Washington County Toof Fairy.  Old ballet tutu and tights, frizzy hair and slippers.  My "business cards" were rolls of smarties.

3. Do you like your name? If you weren’t called by your name, what would you want to be called?  I do now.  Before I was indifferent to it...and most things.  But, if I did change it, I would want to be called Princess Consuela Bananahammock.  I wish I could take credit for that.

4. In the past year, what is the BEST recipe you made. Please share it!  Every Pioneer Woman recipe I've ever made has been equally delicious.  Most recently life by chocolate cupcakes and creamy lemon crumb squares.  Currently I have a very strong hankerin' for caramelized onion and prosciutto pizza.  Check 'em out.  Tell 'ol Pee-Dubs I sent ya.  She'll have no idea who you're talking about.

5. Look around – what is the nearest object or picture hanging on the wall?  Cards posted on my cork board at work (yes, sometimes [read: all the time] I blog at work) thanking my boss for all of my hard work in resolving a pressing issue.

6. What was the last movie you saw in a theater? Would you recommend it?  Mom-in-law took me to see Amelia last year.  I liked the story, but spent most of the movie trying to place Hilary Swank's accent.  Overall: C.

7. Did you go to summer camp? Will you/do you send your kids to camp?  I totally went to summer camps.  Church camp, YMCA camp, band camp, soccer camp.  And they were all super fun.  Kids will be summer camping.

8. What kind of ringtone do you have?  None.  My phone vibrates.  Upon calling recently, I told Corey "my vibrator is dying."  He didn't know what to say.  I meant the vibrate function on my phone.

9. Where is the farthest away from home you have ever been?  Florence, Italy.  Best. Place.  Ever.

10. Has anyone ever written a song or a poem for or about you?  Probably one out there comparing my face to a butt or something.  I would frown against being a part of something sappy.


Kristen said...

#4, that pizza has been on my "to try" list for a while, perhaps that will be this Saturday's dinner.

Debbie said...

I've always wanted to go to Italy!!!! so jealous!

Fuegita said...

I would love to go to Italy!!
I miss band camp...what's not to miss about 120 degree turf, melting shoes and piccolos and heat stroke!