Monday, April 12, 2010

Secondhand junk on the brain

Corey is counting down to track season.

I am counting down to garage sale season.

Yes, I know there is a "no crap" rule in our house, but I am banking on my gift of BS to make even a literal pile of crap look like the essential tool for my latest craft project.  Rest assured, however, I will not be purchasing an actual piece of poo.  Because really, with three living, breathing and eating bodies in our household we aren't so short on the stuff.

Plus, the definition of "crap" is entirely subjective.  According to Corey, anything that doesn't come with a straight-from-the-factory smell is crap.

My mom is really freaking out, by the way, at my liberal use of her less favorite word.

On my scavenger hunt list for this garage sale season:
  • cow creamer
  • junk wool sweaters
  • old keys
  • old door knobs
  • more buttons, always more buttons
  • funky patterned clothes
  • soap dish
I should point out that I do not intend to wear the clothes I am in search of.  That's a little icky to me.  They will be sliced and diced and transformed into little rose balls and aprons...someday.

The cow creamer, however, will be in use.  Heebie-jeebies do not come into play when I can sterilize objects in the dishwasher (if this is not possible, please, for my peace of mind, do not point it out.  thanksomuch).

If you know of any garage/estate sales within 40 miles of Saratoga Springs let me know ay-sap.  I'll need to schedule time blocks, map out routes, assign designated drivers (dangerous to browse and drive), recruit secondary shoppers, laminate itineraries, etc.


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