Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Confessions

1.  I have been a motionless blob all week.  My boss should be collecting money from me.
2.  I want a bird.  I want a little colorful bird that I can keep in a fancy antique cage next to a ficus tree on which I will allow it to roam.  It will be friends with my dog and I will find them, on occasion, curled up together napping.
3.  I often live in a fantasy world.
4.  My first day back to my cardio-kickboxing routine was Tuesday.  I haven't been able to walk normal since.
5.  Kimberlie's bulldog puppy has a scrunchy face.  I sometimes put the palm of my hand over the front of her face and pretend like I have to push on her nose to keep it scrunchy like that.
6.  I am prone to motion sickness.  I get sick in a car, plane, boat, wobbly chair, etc.
7.  I used to think our bodies were made up of worms.  I think my Aunt Cindy confirmed this.
8.  I clogged the toilet Tuesday morning and left for work and left it for Corey to fix.
9.  I clog the toilet often.  I blame my perfectly efficient constitution.
10. Most recent guilty pleasure: butter.  It makes the world go 'round.  But I exaggerate.

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