Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. What book, movie or song has made you want to travel to a particular place?
Oh my.  It's usually the books that make me want to travel.  Cellophane painted a pretty picture of the jungles of South America.  Peony in Love made Japan so romantic.  The Last Empress made me want to discover the history of China.  Crime and Punishment, on the other hand, is keeping me out of Russia.

2. Aside from your significant other, who would you want to take with you on a dream trip?
Daddy-O.  He's the only other person who is blindly adventurous.  And I loves me a good adventure.

3. Where would said dream trip be to?
Maybe the ruins in South America, or the ruins in Greece, or the ruins in Egypt.  Are you noticing a pattern here?

4. If you were hosting guests or providing tips, what three things would you show visitors to your hometown? (be it where you live now or where you grew up)
My hometown?  I don't even know where that is: lived in Long Beach, CA for 11 years, lived in Elkhart, IN for 11 years, currently live in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Let's tour....Elkhart: we would go to Hacienda for the worst Mexican food ever, then to Concord High School where I would run around the blacktop band field, playing air-trombone, demonstrating marching from chart to chart (do I mention band enough?), and finally we would go back to Hacienda for mudslides...the dessert, not the drink.  There, uh, isn't much to do in Elkhart.

5. If you had a long weekend ahead of you, where you head – beach, city or country/mountains?
That depends on one thing...can I bring Oliver??

6. Do you have a passport? If so, did you get it for a particular trip or just to have, in case?
I have had my passport since spring break my senior year in high school when my family went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  It was on this vacation when I discovered my fear of heights, while parasailing.

7. Are there any travel souvenirs you collect? If not, is there something else you collect?
I am currently not collecting anything.  See "crap post" from yesterday.  Although, I do search out native jewelry, Murano glass from Italy, turquoise from Mexico, and then lose it.

8. If you could name a paint colour, what colour would it be and what would you call it?
Whimsy Chicken would be a bright yellow/orange.

9. If you were heading away for a weekend citybreak solo, where would you go? (forget about practicality here and flight times, assume you can get to any city in the world for the weekend)
New Zealand, where my favorite comedy duo, Bret and Jemaine, will personally escort me around the country, and then cry when I leave because they think I'm the awesomest American they've ever met.  Which is the reaction I usually get when I have to leave.

10. Is there a song or a smell or something that you strongly associate with a particular holiday/place/time, such that it always takes you back?
Yesterday I was walking through the hallway of our hotel in Lake Placid and it reminded me of my dorm room.  Random.  Other than that it's the usual: cinnamon reminds me of Christmas, albondigas soup reminds me of grandma, and Kanye's Gold Digger reminds me of Saratoga Summer of '05.

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Sue @ SimonsSistaSaw said...

Songs so remind me of a time and place. Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees remind me always and forever of taking the train from NY to Toronto in Summer 08. Random but true. Thanks for playing along with my questions - it's only now I'm getting around to reading all the answers (but I'm enjoying it).