Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Confessions

1.  I can't kill bugs.  Walt Disney convinced me at a very young age that not only do bugs have personalities, feelings and families, they are also very aware of their appearances.  I also am unable to part with furniture, appliances and stuffed animals.
2.  I decorated a cake for Kimberlie's birthday dinner using fondant.  While kneading the ball 'o sugar, I dropped it on the floor.  Being the only package of fondant I bought, I picked it up, "dusted" it off and rolled it out.
3.  Can't stand loud noises.  Cannot stand 'em.  And that most definitely includes loud TV, squeaky doors, and Corey's morning ritual of yelling for the dog sitting right next to him.
4.  When my left arm/shoulder hurts I assume I am having a heart attack.  When my wrist hurts it's bone cancer.  And when my big toe hurts it's gout.  However, my doctor is under the impression I am perfectly healthy.
5.  I had an altercation with a tubby 9 year old boy last Thursday.  He used foul language, I motioned for him to go, he called me a b*!@#.  Kids.
6.  I can sing the theme song from Golden Girls because I love the show.
7.  On my Facebook page I listed my political views as 80-year-old Conservative.  And it is so true.  Let's never talk politics because I will only infuriate you.
8.  I want to do something outrageously cut my hair, paint my nails red, or move to another country!
9.  I want four kids.  I told Corey I want seven so four doesn't seem quite as unmanageable.  Also the sales technique I used when buying a $70 sweater.  Alone: too much.  Next to $120 jeans: reasonable.
10. I went two years without washing my car.  After we all forgot what color was hiding under 4 layers of grime, my dad took it to the car wash.  My car is green.

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