Thursday, April 1, 2010

All Fools Day...great

I got fooled.  Again.

"Hey, have you left the house yet?"

"No, why?"

"I just got rear ended."


"Yeah, right outside of the dance museum.  I might need a ride to work, my tire is all sideways."

"Ok.  You want me to come down now??"

"HA HA!  April Foooools!!"



Corey knows the best way to fool me, or anyone, is to make his stories within the realm of possibility.  It helps that I am, by nature, an honest and trusting person....oh, and gullible as a third grader.

 But sometimes stories outside of that realm turn out to be true... 

I spent a considerable amount of time in high school (read: dated) with a country boy named Andy.  He lived in a real log cabin on 25+ acres in farm country.  True to farmer form, Andy owned a pet goat, Bloat, that he loved dearly.

On April 1st of 1999 we had this conversation:


"Hi.  What's up?"

"Bloat's dead."

"Wha....oh, Ha.  Ha.  Very funny."

"No, really.  He got all tangled up and...choked...."

"Hahaha, nice one Andy."

"No.  Really.  Bloat.  Is  Dead."

"No he's not."

"Yes he is.  I came home and there he was.  Dead."

"I'm sure ya did.  Nice try.  So what time are we going to the movie."



more silence


Nice one.

Then there was the time I made a fool out of myself in front of my new co-workers when I spread the good news I read in our local paper's April 1st edition:

"They are going to rebuild the dam using beavers!  Brilliant!  Because, think about it, beavers know how to build dams!"

Really Stace?  Beavers?

In summary, I do not like this day.  I usually feel stupid in some way on this day.  I wish it was April 2nd.

The End.

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