Thursday, April 8, 2010

Corey: A model of hard work and high fashion

Corey is busy today.  He works hard at his job.  And that is good for me in two ways:

  1. He supports us.  That's a big one.  See, I like to eat and I also like to be warm when it's cold outside.  He makes it happen.  Yeah, I work too, but that's just to support our Mexican take-out habit.
  2. He doesn't have time to blog.  How many times I've heard "I'm putting that in the blog!" I can't even keep track anymore.  Sometimes it's in retaliation for putting up pictures like this:

Or this...

But mostly it's to make sure you know I'm as big a doofus as he is.  Although, I was not the one who left our car keys in Las Vegas, leaving us stranded in Newark.  A little flour mishap pales in comparison.

Now I'm going to end with a nice picture to prevent a future rant on my borderline psychotic obsession with wasting water (as in, I'm strongly against it), for example.

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