Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Confessions

1.  I get cranky when I look frumpy.  I have been cranky all week.
2.  Corey made me mad Monday night so I doubled the amount of green peppers and onions in the casserole I made for dinner.  He originally asked for fewer veggies.
3.  Left the barn door open Tuesday.  Flashed ma goodies all over Glens Falls, both to and from the brownie store.
4.  I over-water plants.  My co-worker, Sharon, will come back from vacation next week to moldy ferns and violets, but that'll teach her for leaving me in charge.
5. We do not have a working DVD player.  Many a night I have needed a Nacho Libre fix....sigh.
6.  I am jealous of my boss's wardrobe.  My boss is 70.
7.  My Wii Fit asks me if I have any weekend plans and if I slept well.  I answer.  Then I get mad that we can't skip my morning body test to chat.  Then I remember video games can't talk back.  Then I get embarrassed.
8.  Today is my first dog, Lucy's, birthday.  She died when she was 4 from cancer and I cried for 3 years.
9.  Our vacuum broke.  We have an inch of dog hair on all surfaces, including the ones we eat from, and possibly the ones I've made food to serve to others from.
10. I have no will-power.  If a cake sits in front of me, I eat it until I vomit.  If brownies walk by, I follow and devour.  And then I yell at Corey for not eating his veggies.  Nice job.

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