Monday, June 8, 2009

101 days...

Not to be confused with 101 Dalmations, which was the theme of my kindergarten dance recital. Just another tidbit of information about me. You never know when you'll be quizzed on little known Stacie-facts, like:

What did Stacie collect as a child?

If you said empty toilet paper rolls, you are correct.

And for two points, why did she collect them?

To build a log cabin, of course.

On Stacie's 4th grade student council field trip, what did she call the Mayor of Long Beach, California to his face?

Mayor of Munchkin Land? Judges please.....that is correct!

Yes, I am stalling on the bachelorette party post. I don't have all the pictures in yet, but I'm also hesitant to post any more like this:

...or this:

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