Wednesday, June 17, 2009

93 days...

Nothing new to report. No nightmares. No adventures. Invitations going smoothly.

Corey has only suggested having them sent out to be printed twice.

The printer is not provoking me. We've spent some much needed time apart.

Despite my checklist's rude personal hygiene assumption last week, I have revisited my morning workout routine.

I make my bed now. And fold my clothes. I have time to do these things.

I've spent more time in the kitchen practicing putting ingredients together to produce something edible, thanks to my future mother-in-law's gentle urging.

How boring this must be for you to read about how things are finally going right.

Just hang on. Tonight I might throw my hands up in desperation and drag Corey to Vegas for a simple ceremony in one of 25 Elvis chapels. Or I could just go crazy. Either way, it will give me something to talk about in the morning.

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