Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Corey and Stacie Adventure

Corey and I have several little....adventures, and some are more....exciting than others. For example, a simple 8 minute drive to the zoo in West Palm Beach may find us 30 minutes later not speaking to each other with maps flying around the car. That one was fun.

Corey recently moved into what will be our marital lodgings. It is a spacious loft on the east side of Saratoga, however, vertical wall space is limited (random fact? no. please save all questions until the end). Wednesday night, as I'm driving down to see him, he makes a point to remind me that we agreed to not put anything on the walls until we both can decide what should go where.

"Of course, I wouldn't do anything while you are away," I say.

"Ok thanks," he responds.

I walk into the building 20 minutes later and I hear tap, tap, tap. I walk up the stairs to more tap, tap, taps. I walk in the door and he stands there grinning and says,

"How do you like this Barbaro picture right here?!"

you there, you have a question?, it did NOT end well.

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